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Triple Based Dozen Martingale System

Dozen Based Triple Martingale System is as the name suggests based on the dozens. Instead of  just bet on one dozen you bet on two dozens. After a loss you multiply your bet by three for the next bet. If lost you then times your bet by three again and repeat the process until you get a win.

There are quite a few articles on the internet about people who have made a lot of money following this roulette system.

Clearly by playing this system you are playing a risky game. However because you’re betting on two dozens you’re covering more than half of the table, so you could argue the chances of winning are higher

We  have seen multiple consecutive spins of the same dozen so if you’re to use this system it’s better to wait until a dozen hasn’t appeared for a few spins and then bet on the other two dozens.

Single Repeats System

It could be argued that over the course of 37 spins you are very unlikely to see all 37 numbers, meaning that some numbers should in theory show a few times and other won’t show at all.

To use this roulette system you will first spin the wheel, see what number you get, If  for example number it landed on nuber 19, on the next spin you would bet on number 19.

If on the second spin you get number 9 you would bet on 19 and 9, and so on, this can be repeated for all 37 spins.

The catch is that if all 37 numbers show you will have bet 666 and won nothing.

Hope is the aim of the fame with this system as you are waiting for  a lot of repeats because this will mean more winnings and less numbers to bet on and get your free slot bonus from much games.

Cancellation System

The cancellation system, otherwise known as the Labouchere method is one of the safer roulette systems that you can use. We try to give you a few systems you can try that are free, it is important to point out that a lot of the charged for systems are variations of the free systems we have reviewed.

The calcellation method is based on any of the even chance bets which are (red/black odd/even and 1-18/19-36)

Start out with a line of 5 or 6 numbers of your choice to work out your betting pattern.

The first bet is the total of the left hand and the right hand number added together which would be X . If you are using 6 numbers you cross off the 2 end numbers and you should look like this


If you lose,  add the sum of your last bet on to the end of your line.


If all the numbers were 1, would be 3 because you always add the left and right hand numbers together to get your betting amount.

Therefore int eh cancellation method = after every win cross the numbers from the left and right hand side of your line off, they’re no longer needed.

After every loss, put the amount of your last bet onto the right hand side of your line and then repeat the process of adding the left and right hand numbers together to get your next betting amount.

If you manage to cross out all the numbers from your line you will then be in profit by the total sum of the numbers from your original line.

As with any system that we show you its best not to be greedy and make sure you have clear defined rules you set yourself before you play.

Reverse Martingale System

Reverse Martingale Roulette System is a roulette system based on the original martingale roulette system, but with a twist! You increase your bets after a win rather than a loss and wait for a the big winner

To play this roulette system,  pick a stage of the system in which you will be happy with the profit and then stick to it. i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and then quit would give you a profit of 31.

It is very hard to stay in control with this system because it can be hard to walk away for two reasons.

1. Each time you do get to the desired progression it is easy to get greedy and end up losing the whole lot.

2. Each time you don’t get to the stage of the progression that you’ve decided you lose one unit.

In our experience using the reverse martingale we have found that the small losses that you encounter waiting for the long progression always out weigh the big wins. So don’t be fooled when people tell you this is the best system for you.

Fibbonacci System

The Fibonacci system is similar to the martingale roulette system. In theory what you do is you add the sum of the previous two bets together. Assuming you start with one chip your plays should follow the following pattern:

Bet 1 – 1

Bet 2 – 1

Bet 3 – 2

Bet 4 – 3

Bet 5 – 5

Bet 6 – 8

Bet 7 – 13

Bet 8 – 21

Hopefully you will win on bet 1 in which case you are in profit. If you win bet 2 or 3 then you break even. The rest of the bets are designed to help you hedge your bets.

The only time you can profit with Fibonacci roulette system is on the first bet, we don’t recommend using it after that.

Some people have tried to change this system slightly so that you always end up in profit. Rather than quit when you get a win you simply cross off the last two bets because you got a win and move back two stages.

This will result in a profit when you manage to get back to the start of you progression.

Super Martingale System

If you are looking for the ultimate high risk roulette system, than Super Martingale Roulette System is for you.  The system is similar to the original martingale roulette system but it is even more risky. Based on even money bets, however the difference is that you double your bet after each loss and then add an extra chip to your bet.

The more you play through the system the more profit you end with, but  the extra chip you place soon makes the difference and  makes it add to a high bet – therefore it is high risk guaranteed which also comes with high gains as well as losses.

With a large bankroll this can give you some short term winnings but a word of caution this system needs to be used with a stop loss limit that you’re prepared to stick to.

Martingale System

The martingale is probably the most famous roulette system. To play this system you have to place bets on any of the even pay out bets like black or red.

Pick one and then place your chips. If you lose (hopefully you wont but you can’t win them all!) you double your next bet to cover your previous loss and still get one chip profit.

The idea continues like this, If you lose your second bet you then double your next bet to four chips. You just keep following this system until you get a win. The theory behind this is  that statistically you will eventually win and when you do you will always get a one chip profit.

It may not work because after just 10 losses you may have lost a total of £1023 so your next bet would need to cover all your previous losses. It could be considered very high risk, which is why we would not recommend it

Variations of the martingale include  the super martingale and the reverse martingale

Some people try and use the martingale  by waiting for a few colours to come up in a row and then they play. i.e., wait for 3 reds in a row and then betting black.

Take it from us, Gamblers Fallacy is what they call this type of strategy, but that said some people have made money using it, so try it at your own peril.

Celtic Casino

If you are looking for an excellent roulette playing experience with a twist, Celtic Casino is the place for you.

Unlike regular online roulette tables – allows you to play live roulette from a real casino as oppose to a filming studio. Live roulette is fast becoming a popular casino game and with some of the best and most professional dealers in the business you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

No roulette review is complete without an in depth overview of the promotions – Celtic Casino is offering new depositors a €100 bonus in the form of a 50% cash back on your net losses on your first deposit during the first week you play. The offer is valid up to €100. As well as this there is also a great refer a friend scheme, so you can earn just by showing your friends how good the live games are.

What we liked as we do with any casino is the ability to take it for a test drive and Celtic Casinos allow just that, they offer a casino demo which allows the players to test before signing-up for the real money games.

If you want an authentic live roulette table, then is the place to be with a large amount of professional staff at hand offering players worldwide a fun and realistic online casino experience with live feeds that allow a player to play live, roulette, for Celtic Casino runs the Visionary iGaming live casino software as we have mentioned in our other pages, Visionary iGaming is based on trust and integrity, something we feel is extremely important when playing online casino games. Through their software players have the ability to see, hear and interact with the dealers which really makes the difference when taking into account the player’s enjoyment of the real casino games. This is as close as possible to what you would experience in the world’s largest casinos – get online, give it a try and remember above all play responsibly and have fun!

888 Casino

With an offer of up to $1400 bonus on your first deposit, 888 Casino offers one of the biggest welcome bonuses from all the major casinos on the market. 888 provides a roulette table with some of the smoothest graphics and slickest game play on the market, a Monthly reload and surprise bonuses (Over $1 million every month) there is also a $30 refer a friend bonus so you can get your mates in on the act and benefit from it while doing so!

As we mentioned before 888 provides amazing graphics that are prominent , especially when playing roulette where the graphics are some of the best that we have ever seen. There is also a fast and friendly customer support that rates as one of the best in the industry, we cannot stress enough, when you need to get in touch about your account this is exactly what you should be looking for Banking methods accepted by 888 are what exactly what you would expect from a leader in the market that take security as a key propriety you can pay via; Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Click And Buy, E Check, InstaDebit, Money Bookers, Solo, Ukash andWire Transfer. All of these methods are well known methods and can be trusted with user’s hard earned money. Follow the advice of our trustworthy roulette review. Visit 888 to begin winning today!