Super Martingale System

If you are looking for the ultimate high risk roulette system, than Super Martingale Roulette System is for you.  The system is similar to the original martingale roulette system but it is even more risky. Based on even money bets, however the difference is that you double your bet after each loss and then add an extra chip to your bet. […]

Martingale System

The martingale is probably the most famous roulette system. To play this system you have to place bets on any of the even pay out bets like black or red. Pick one and then place your chips. If you lose (hopefully you wont but you can’t win them all!) you double your next bet to cover […]

Celtic Casino

If you are looking for an excellent roulette playing experience with a twist, Celtic Casino is the place for you. Unlike regular online roulette tables – allows you to play live roulette from a real casino as oppose to a filming studio. Live roulette is fast becoming a popular casino game and with some […]

888 Casino

With an offer of up to $1400 bonus on your first deposit, 888 Casino offers one of the biggest welcome bonuses from all the major casinos on the market. 888 provides a roulette table with some of the smoothest graphics and slickest game play on the market, a Monthly reload and surprise bonuses (Over $1 […]

Bet 365 Casino

In 1974 Bet365 was founded. Within the last 10 years they have grown at an exceptional rate in the online market. With millions of customers world wide, we became big fans of their products and services while doing our roulette review. When you have an account with them you can access the entire franchise, sports, […]