Cancellation System

The cancellation system, otherwise known as the Labouchere method is one of the safer roulette systems that you can use. We try to give you a few systems you can try that are free, it is important to point out that a lot of the charged for systems are variations of the free systems we have reviewed.

The calcellation method is based on any of the even chance bets which are (red/black odd/even and 1-18/19-36)

Start out with a line of 5 or 6 numbers of your choice to work out your betting pattern.

The first bet is the total of the left hand and the right hand number added together which would be X . If you are using 6 numbers you cross off the 2 end numbers and you should look like this


If you lose,  add the sum of your last bet on to the end of your line.


If all the numbers were 1, would be 3 because you always add the left and right hand numbers together to get your betting amount.

Therefore int eh cancellation method = after every win cross the numbers from the left and right hand side of your line off, they’re no longer needed.

After every loss, put the amount of your last bet onto the right hand side of your line and then repeat the process of adding the left and right hand numbers together to get your next betting amount.

If you manage to cross out all the numbers from your line you will then be in profit by the total sum of the numbers from your original line.

As with any system that we show you its best not to be greedy and make sure you have clear defined rules you set yourself before you play.