Fibbonacci System

The Fibonacci system is similar to the martingale roulette system. In theory what you do is you add the sum of the previous two bets together. Assuming you start with one chip your plays should follow the following pattern:

Bet 1 - 1

Bet 2 - 1

Bet 3 - 2

Bet 4 - 3

Bet 5 - 5

Bet 6 - 8

Bet 7 - 13

Bet 8 - 21

Hopefully you will win on bet 1 in which case you are in profit. If you win bet 2 or 3 then you break even. The rest of the bets are designed to help you hedge your bets.

The only time you can profit with Fibonacci roulette system is on the first bet, we don’t recommend using it after that.

Some people have tried to change this system slightly so that you always end up in profit. Rather than quit when you get a win you simply cross off the last two bets because you got a win and move back two stages.

This will result in a profit when you manage to get back to the start of you progression.