Martingale System

The martingale is probably the most famous roulette system. To play this system you have to place bets on any of the even pay out bets like black or red.

Pick one and then place your chips. If you lose (hopefully you wont but you can’t win them all!) you double your next bet to cover your previous loss and still get one chip profit.

The idea continues like this, If you lose your second bet you then double your next bet to four chips. You just keep following this system until you get a win. The theory behind this is  that statistically you will eventually win and when you do you will always get a one chip profit.

It may not work because after just 10 losses you may have lost a total of £1023 so your next bet would need to cover all your previous losses. It could be considered very high risk, which is why we would not recommend it

Variations of the martingale include  the super martingale and the reverse martingale

Some people try and use the martingale  by waiting for a few colours to come up in a row and then they play. i.e., wait for 3 reds in a row and then betting black.

Take it from us, Gamblers Fallacy is what they call this type of strategy, but that said some people have made money using it, so try it at your own peril.